Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well this blog officially goes into hibernation today. I have decided that I will start posting at my new abode which is linked here: Please change your links or you can simply come here and click the one above and it will take you there. I may return here in the future since I had no real problems here. But I do like some of the features of my new blog and the transfer was painless. Keep visiting.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter

This blog pays tribute to Steve Irwin who is better known to us as the Crocodile Hunter. If you ask most Jamaicans who he was they probably would not be able to tell you but mention the crocodile hunter and it would be as if an epiphany had ocurred.
Mr. Hunter was killed while filming a programming near the Barrier Reefs. He was stung by a stingray. He is survived by his wife and two young children.
I recall about two years ago when a crocodile was seen living in the drains near my home. The men went to remove it. when they had caught it the man who was interviewed by the media said that he was not afraid because he knew what to do. When asked how and if he had done this before, the man responded by saying that he had not but "mi watch Crocodile Hunter on TV so mi know what fi do"...(translation: he had watched the programme "Crocodile Hunter on television so he was quite aware of what to do).
I don't think the programme producers nor Mr. Irwin realises the number of lives he impacted even in Jamaica.
Rest in Peace Mr. Irwin and we will remember "Crocs Rule!!!" (If only in your heart since this blogger will not try to prove or disprove your theories. )