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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Playing Around with the New Blogger Features

Although I no longer post here I really don't want to lose the account and besides I find it interesting how changes and development in one market player influences changes in the others. So many of the features that have been added here mirror those available on other hosts. Good things because I believe the consumer should have choices (even if the service is free). I'll keep watching to see what happens next.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well this blog officially goes into hibernation today. I have decided that I will start posting at my new abode which is linked here: Please change your links or you can simply come here and click the one above and it will take you there. I may return here in the future since I had no real problems here. But I do like some of the features of my new blog and the transfer was painless. Keep visiting.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Crocodile Hunter

This blog pays tribute to Steve Irwin who is better known to us as the Crocodile Hunter. If you ask most Jamaicans who he was they probably would not be able to tell you but mention the crocodile hunter and it would be as if an epiphany had ocurred.
Mr. Hunter was killed while filming a programming near the Barrier Reefs. He was stung by a stingray. He is survived by his wife and two young children.
I recall about two years ago when a crocodile was seen living in the drains near my home. The men went to remove it. when they had caught it the man who was interviewed by the media said that he was not afraid because he knew what to do. When asked how and if he had done this before, the man responded by saying that he had not but "mi watch Crocodile Hunter on TV so mi know what fi do"...(translation: he had watched the programme "Crocodile Hunter on television so he was quite aware of what to do).
I don't think the programme producers nor Mr. Irwin realises the number of lives he impacted even in Jamaica.
Rest in Peace Mr. Irwin and we will remember "Crocs Rule!!!" (If only in your heart since this blogger will not try to prove or disprove your theories. )

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just Another Post

Well people Monday started my final year at school. I have officially only three semesters to go before I graduate and put another chapter of life behind me. My course load this semester is pretty good. I will only have one final exam as all the other courses are graded on projects and in class presentations. It willbe an intense semester but I will manage as always. Wifey is elated as all her students that sat CXC were successful in the Language exam and only three failed at Literature. This is her 1st year teaching CXC level and it has proven to her that she is among the best out there. The return to my old desk is as frustrating as I expected but my focus is on August 2007. I have decided that on completion of my studies I am going to look outside for opportunities. Don't worry no rash moves just need a change. I think my present employer puts too uch emphasis on paper qualifications and ignores the qualities of the incumbent. That cannot be the way to go. I fact it goes against my very course of study which emphasizes the best candidate. The result of their choice of hiring has resulted in many frustrated employees who stay for relatively short stints. Well Ernesto decided to run away and hide in the US. After being on direct course for Jamaica that sent many people scrambling for emergency supplies, Ernesto turned and tackled Cuba instead. Can't say that I'm complaining too much. My fight with my ISP continues. I made some headway last week but I am still unhappy with the volume of dropped signals when I am on a DSL connection which is to be always on. As usual the C&W people obviously have not a clue about how to fix the problem. I have little or no faith in their expertise. Well excitement loomed as night before last a group of gunmen stole a motor vehicle in Mona and went on a robbery spree. They went to Harbour View and held up a fast food business. They then drove into downtown and were accoste dby police on patrol. A gun battle ensued and the gunmen were shot and killed. Frankly speaking I have no sympathy for them. As a matter of fact I wish more crimes would end this way since it is the only way we seem to be able to cure the island of this problem. I say well done without apology. Anyways, I was just doing a short post but guess my mouth has the runs. Take care all.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Morning Laugh

I was feeling kinda out of it this morning and I tell you honestly, if it wasn't for commitment and lack of leave I would have stayed home today. Well on the way to work I was listening to FAME FM and the two morning host were up to their usual very entertaining chatter and then decided to play a song. It is a spoof of James Blunt's "You're Beautiful" entitled "My Cubicle" I never stop laughing for quite a while. How many of you 9 to 5' ers can relate to this song? Go have a listen and brighten your day a little by clicking the link I made. Have great day all.

Monday, August 21, 2006

I Don't Understand Lawmakers

Strange people these lawmakers. There is an article on the front page of our local newspaper that indicates that a Jamaican-born Islamic cleric who was linked to the July 7, 2005 bombings of London's transportation system is slated to be deported to the island in a matter of weeks. Now you tell me... the man commits a crime in England where he resides. gets involved in terrorism there and you do what....send him to Jamaica where he has done nothing and is essentially a free man to do whatever he feels like. That has been the history of the stance taken on deporting persons. My take is that if the man do something in your country then deal with him there. This stupid policy in my opinion, especially when you are dealing with terrorism make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Maybe my take on the issue is simplistic. Maybe I am totally misinformed but what I see happening to deportees is based on the final statement of the media article " the security forces will determine how he will be treated", my guess is he will simply be released to do whatever he feels like doing. Read the article here. Remember you have double duty...check here and comment at Scratchie at Wordpress.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well maybe I'll switch, maybe I won't. I have been toying with Wordpress for a few days now. I have been trading my links and stuff to see if I can get a feel for something new. One good thing so far is that I had a time out from my connection and didn't lose my post. The back button was pressed and walla there was my post. Navigating around is a little harder than blogger. It has it's features. Main drawback is that blogger allows you to play around with your templates if you are so inclined. Wordpress does not allow this. What you see is what you gotta take. Fine by me since I wasn't fassing wid that html stuff anyway. Hardest part to date was the one by one transfer of my links but some work had to go on.
Maybe what I will do is post the next few posts on both sites and ask you guys to play the site reviewers role. So go check out my maybe to be new home and tell me what you think. Scratchie at Wordpress