Monday, August 21, 2006

I Don't Understand Lawmakers

Strange people these lawmakers. There is an article on the front page of our local newspaper that indicates that a Jamaican-born Islamic cleric who was linked to the July 7, 2005 bombings of London's transportation system is slated to be deported to the island in a matter of weeks. Now you tell me... the man commits a crime in England where he resides. gets involved in terrorism there and you do what....send him to Jamaica where he has done nothing and is essentially a free man to do whatever he feels like. That has been the history of the stance taken on deporting persons. My take is that if the man do something in your country then deal with him there. This stupid policy in my opinion, especially when you are dealing with terrorism make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Maybe my take on the issue is simplistic. Maybe I am totally misinformed but what I see happening to deportees is based on the final statement of the media article " the security forces will determine how he will be treated", my guess is he will simply be released to do whatever he feels like doing. Read the article here. Remember you have double duty...check here and comment at Scratchie at Wordpress.


Mad Bull said...

Yeah, as Bob marley would say, they are some crazy baldheads! :)

Leon said...

Hey, just throw the bad fish into the pond where he came from. Why waste our resources on him? I guess that's their thinking.

Stunner said...

That just makes my %@$!%!@ mad! They always dump their criminals on us!