Sunday, August 20, 2006


Well maybe I'll switch, maybe I won't. I have been toying with Wordpress for a few days now. I have been trading my links and stuff to see if I can get a feel for something new. One good thing so far is that I had a time out from my connection and didn't lose my post. The back button was pressed and walla there was my post. Navigating around is a little harder than blogger. It has it's features. Main drawback is that blogger allows you to play around with your templates if you are so inclined. Wordpress does not allow this. What you see is what you gotta take. Fine by me since I wasn't fassing wid that html stuff anyway. Hardest part to date was the one by one transfer of my links but some work had to go on.
Maybe what I will do is post the next few posts on both sites and ask you guys to play the site reviewers role. So go check out my maybe to be new home and tell me what you think. Scratchie at Wordpress


CoolDestiny said...

Ok ok ok .. you have all forced me to be interested in wordpress although I have not had any problems with blogger at all. I'm gonna check it out but I doubt I'll switch. I have over 250 posts. No way I'm transferring those 1 by 1!!

Scratchie said... CD, wordpress allows you to import the posts from blogger. I won't be though. They will more than likely run concurrently. The links is what I had to move one by one.